ISO 9001-2015 Standard

The global adaptation of the ISO 9001-2015 QMS Standard is the reason a large number of companies & suppliers have succeeded in their industries, and many of these ISO 9001-2015 certified organizations have won new business. This benefit has been seen by increased trade and domestic market share, and the internal benefit such as customer satisfaction, improved communication, and long-term partnerships. By improving cycle times, reducing costs, and lowering maintenance down-time, these companies have seen increased efficiency and profits.  An organization applying for ISO 9001-2015 Certification must be audited based on extensive sampling of their products, services, and processes. Therefore, in order to achieve good audit results, proper pre-assessments or audits by third-party consultants or auditors are recommended or required. To win new business, the organization must ensure they produce conforming products or services, and if a nonconformance is found, the root cause of problem must be addressed, and the proper corrective action to prevent the re-occurrence must be implemented so there are no quality escapes.